Only 1 in 20 female business people favour quotas

A poll of attendees at a recent roundtable event found that just 6% were in favour of a mandatory quota for the number of women at board level.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

The round table event, which was discussing ‘high achieving, inspiring women’, featured a panel of 52 successful female business people, including the former retail MD of WHSmith, Beverley Hodson, and finance director of WilliamsF1, Louise Evans.

From the panel, 73% of attendees said that ‘self-doubt’ is what holds women back in business, rather than the lack of quotas for boards.

The round table was conducted by Randstad UK. Managing director Mark Bull said: ‘Quotas are certainly a hugely controversial option but while everyone should be hired and promoted on the basis of skill, not gender, that’s not necessarily happening.’ He added: ‘But nobody wants to be a token hire just because of their gender.’

The debate about quotas rages on…

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