10 things we learned this week

Sky's swim team, Russian billionaires' soft sides, and why MPs are poorer than you think.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

1. Instead of a cycling team, Sky nearly invested in swimming.

2. Russian billionaires are softies at heart - and Rupert Murdoch has his workers' backs

3. Using a mobile phone at the check-out: huge faux-pas.

4. Google wants its workers to take the stairs.

5. MPs are paid £15,000 less than their foreign counterparts.

6. Norweigian firms weren't happy about boardroom quotas either.

7. Brussels occasionally displays common sense.

8. Gold-leaf cornicing is the latest thing in interior design.

9. It is possible to find £20bn down the back of the sofa.

10. Boris Johnson's verbosity knows no bounds.

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