10 things we learned this week

The MoshPad, why no one cares about Pandacam and why Alan Sugar is making businesses cool.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 04 Oct 2013

1. For the Moshi Monsters fan who has everything (even the Pez dispenser): you can now buy a Moshi-branded tablet computer

2. Pandacam: a ‘non-essential’ public service

3. The price of gold fell 30% in the nine months to June

4. Alan Sugar: making business cool

5. At the 3G spectrum auction in 2000, the government said phone providers only had to cover 80% of the country. Now we know why 3G coverage is terrible…

6. Who knew MT’s writers were so sensitive?

7. Ikea: making shelving sexy, making food storing sexy, making sustainability sexy

8. The French: surprisingly defensive of their independent book shops

9. The government has stealthily lowered the level at which pension savers can be taxed 55%

10. Help to Buy, Help to Work: anyone would think the government is trying to look charitable

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