10 things we learned this week

Google in space, electric cars, London's cabbie plague.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 13 Jun 2014

1. Google clearly wants to conquer the final frontier: in the last few months alone, it’s bought two space companies, and is considering another

2. Even in these enlightened times, electric cars make up less than 1% of total vehicle sales

3. There are 22,000 black cab drivers in London

4. Starbucks is planning to move its headquarters from Amsterdam to London

5. Employment is just 0.1% below its pre-crisis level

6. Manipulating foreign exchange isn’t actually a criminal offence. Not at the moment, anyway

7. The government’s ‘pay to switch off’ scheme isn’t new: many hotels already belong to ‘energy aggregators’, selling off their excess demand

8. Vice magazine owns its own pub

9. Tesco has been trying to launch a current account since 2010

10. There are some occasions when your share price dropping more than 85% isn’t the end of the world


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