8 weird & wonderful corporate team building activities

You've done the obstacle course, abseiling and murder mystery evening. Now for something a bit more unusual to bond with your co-workers...

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 28 Jul 2016

1. Sheep dog handling

This one’s for all you Lassie fans – she wasn’t really a sheep dog, but collies are still into herding things. Or maybe you were more of a Babe person. Alternatively, you could race ferrets with such cuddly names as Big Bad Bubba and Chainsaw Charlie.

2. Stunt training

Now you hack your boss to pieces for real – you might even get promoted for it.

3. Egg smashing

Admiral CEO Henry Engelhardt gets his employees playing egg roulette every year. Smashing.

4. Flash mobbing

Get your company to be part of the latest viral cheesy craze (also stop trying to make flash team happen, it’s not going to happen).

5. Ice sculpting

MT hopes they teach you how to make a vodka luge because, realistically, your sculptures aren’t going to look angelic.

6. Cardboard boat racing

MT has a sinking feeling about this one, but it could come in handy if your company is flooded out in the latest deluge.

7. Blindfolded driving

Backseat drivers aren’t allowed to use normal instructions like left or right. Probably a metaphor for how most businesses are run tbh.

8. Orchestral (de)harmonising

During this ‘sensational, life changing experience’ workers will literally be transformed into a real-life symphony orchestra in 90 minutes. MT can hardly imagine the racket that will inevitably result.

Image credit: Charleston

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