The most bizarre insurance claims of 2012 unveiled

Insurance: not usually the best source of funny fodder, is it? But business insurance provider Simply Business has changed all that by revealing some of the weirdest claims it processed last year.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

There really is one born every minute. Take this anonymous jeweller, who sent a claim in to business insurance provider Simply Business last year for £10,000. What had happened, the hapless man explained, was that he had repaired a customer's £200 watch but accidentally returned a £10,000 Rolex. It was only once the customer had high-tailed it out of the shop that the jeweller realised he'd failed to note the chap's contact details. Oops.

And then there was the over-zealous landlord, who dumped £2,000 worth of students' belongings at a local tip after he wrongly assumed they had moved out. They had not. Said students were, understandably, not happy...
Hilariously, one health and safety instructor had to compensate trainees when they got stuck in a lift during a demonstration. They 'suffered stress' as they were only rescued several hours after the lift came to a juddering halt when the emergency stop button malfunctioned. That kind of stress is certain to cause an elevated heart rate....

Lastly, a DJ claimed for damage to equipment when a clubber took a dislike to his choice of music and smashed up his CD player. Presumably he was playing Rage Against The Machine...
Jason Stockwood, from Simply Business, says: The various - and occasionally colourful - claims we saw throughout 2012 show how unpredictable the business world can be.' He did not, however, reveal whether these unusual claims were paid out...

Oh well, the endless wranglings over insurance pay-outs are rarely that funny anyway.

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