ALEXANDER GARRETT: Our regular Crash Course contributor dons the MT towel to visit Bath's troubled spa. Garrett, whose other outlets include the Observer and Grand Designs magazine, has discovered a keen interest in spas in his capacity as an overseas property writer. It's a tough life ...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

CHRIS HYMAN: In his review of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense, Serco's chief exec joins authors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I Sutton in their plea for more evidence-based management, but at least they filled the book with logical argument rather than impenetrable graphs.

EMMA DE VITA: One of only a select few of MT's journalists to be sent behind bars, senior section editor De Vita did time at Springhill open prison for our cover story on white-collar crime. 'It was an eye-opening experience,' she says, 'and strangely reminiscent of my convent secondary school.'

ANDREW WILEMAN: Business consultant Wileman reviews David Craig's Plundering The Public Sector. He enjoys the descriptions of government consulting expenditure, and when Gordon Brown needs someone to run a 10-year programme for the NHS, he stands ready to serve - for £3,000 a day, plus expenses.

JEAN GOLDSMITH: The prison experience wasn't what our cover shoot photographer expected. 'I thought there would be cells and guards,' she says - but then her subject turned up in his off-road vehicle. When not infiltrating low-security prisons, Goldsmith also works for the Guardian and the Independent on Sunday.

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