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How to do more with less is a challenge that businesses of all sizes are familiar with in the current climate of weak consumer confidence and ever-tightening budgets.

Expanding the business whilst cutting back on costs is a difficult juggling act – and it’s up to the Chief Financial Officer to find a way to do both.

At the same time, the CFO’s role is changing. It is becoming a lot more strategic but also more technological, as mobile and online developments continue to present new challenges. 
In association with Barclaycard, MT has developed the Smart Finance Series. This series is an in-depth look at how finance is changing in these tough times in order to help business achieve that golden word: growth.

Finding new business the 'biggest challenge' facing organisations in 2013

Finding new business the 'biggest challenge' facing organisations in 2013

By Friday, 04 January 2013

In Barclaycard's survey of 205 execs, almost a third said finding new business is one of the biggest challenges they face this year, followed by rising costs and holding onto customers.

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The changing face of finance - is it time for the CFO to shine?

The changing face of finance - is it time for the CFO to shine?

By Saturday, 01 December 2012

A chief financial officer is ideally placed to spot new opportunities and develop the relationships that help a business grow, Barclaycard's Eduardo Vergara says.



We’ve talked to leading finance experts and CFO’s to provide a programme  of video interviews and features packed full of insights and analysis  on how finance is innovating despite uncertain economic waters.

Divinia Knowles

Dennis Bauer

Dominique Yates

Elena Shishkina

Harold van den Broek

Marcus Boyle

Russell Lloyd

Smart Finance guides from Barclaycard

Looking for advice and tips on how to make greater savings in your business, or learn how to make your cash go further? Check out these handy guides, courtesy of Barclaycard.

How to embed purchasing accounts

Manage your payables

Using virtual cards

Create a smarter purchasing strategy

Streamline your payments process

Using prepaid cards

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