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Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders

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Andrew Saunders - Deputy Editor

Saunders has interviewed just about everyone who is anyone for MT, from entrepreneurs to captains of industry and even the odd (sometimes very odd) politician and sporting hero. Ken Clarke, Peter Mandelson and Sir Alex Ferguson standing out in his memory amongst the latter, despite the fact that he knows nothing about football and only marginally more about politics.

But it is business which remains his abiding professional interest, not least because of the growing influence which business and those who conduct it enjoy over the daily lives of so many of us 21st century ‘global citizens’.

Figuring out exactly how everything from a one-man start-up to a vast multinational works, and what makes their founders, leaders and employees tick, is what gets him out of bed in the morning. That and the demands of his small but strident six year-old daughter, Katy.


Latest Articles From This Author

Gatwick's Stewart Wingate is confident he'll get the new London runway

- THE MT INTERVIEW: Gatwick's CEO is lobbying hard for the green light to build London's new runway. Has he made locals an offer they can't refuse?

KFC-owner Yum! is now eyeing up India

- The owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell now has more outlets than McDonald's. But has it had its chips in China?

Work you really shouldn't be taking home with you

- HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES: There are lots of positives to flexible working, but there are some things that even the most motivated need to leave behind.

Who will take over from Tesco's toppled chairman?

- So Tesco chairman Richard Broadbent has handed in his Clubcard and his red and white striped jersey. Who will take over?

Are you mobile and motivated or deskless and disengaged?

- HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES: Flexible working can be fun and freeing or dreary and dispiriting - the difference is mostly down to management.

Are you overworked, or just optimised?

- HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES: What is the best way to make sure there are enough people - but not too many - to do the job?

When is a sickie not a sickie?

- HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES: If you're too ill for the office but well enough to log on at home, are you present or absent from work?

Generation Y says no more 9-to-5

- HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES: In the first of a series of themed videos in association with consultants Kronos, this week MT asks if working 9-5 is dead.

Is Carl Icahn right that Apple shares will double in value?

- Activist shareholder and Apple fanboy Carl Icahn thinks Apple is 'seriously undervalued' and that the firm should buy back even more of its own stock, pdq.

Fifth exec sucked into Tesco's £250m black hole

- Another day, another senior boss at the store giant gets suspended. This time it's commercial director Kevin Grace.

Review: Tesla Model S Performance

- MT finds this fully electric saloon capacious, blisteringly quick and serious competition to Germany's finest.

Why eBay's PayPal deal is three years too late

- The news that eBay is to spin off payments arm PayPal, in a deal that could be worth $35bn, is a victory for Carl Icahn - but it should have happened years ago.

Is disruptive innovation dead?

- The notion of disruption lies at the heart of modern corporate strategy - but is the concept itself in need of the shock treatment, asks Andrew Saunders.

What Tesco's £250m Septimana Horribilis says about boards

- FROM THE ARCHIVE: Battered Tesco chairman Sir Richard Broadbent will be even gladder than the rest of us that Friday has finally rolled around and that he is still in a job - for now anyway.

Cheers or jeers over EU nuclear subsidy U-turn?

- A last minute change of heart in Brussels appears to give the go-ahead to Britain's first new nuclear power plant in a generation. But is it good news?

Microsoft: how is it faring under new boss Satya Nadella?

- Why the former king of desktop software still searches for a niche in today's mobile world.

Final call for 2014's part-time power workers

- The entries for this year's Power Part Time List close one week from today, so get your last-minute nominations in now.

Tesla bets $5bn on battery 'gigafactory' in Nevada

- Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is to build his first giant battery factory in the state of Nevada, America's gambling capital.

The highs and lows of Gatwick airport

- The world's busiest single-runway airport is pushing hard for a second. Will it take off?

Drugs earnings boost puts AstraZeneca on a high

- The UK's second largest pharma business has given itself a bracing pick-me-up this morning, posting earnings up 4% to £3.8bn - well ahead of the 1% expected by analysts.

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