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Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders

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Andrew Saunders - Deputy Editor

Saunders has interviewed just about everyone who is anyone for MT, from entrepreneurs to captains of industry and even the odd (sometimes very odd) politician and sporting hero. Ken Clarke, Peter Mandelson and Sir Alex Ferguson standing out in his memory amongst the latter, despite the fact that he knows nothing about football and only marginally more about politics.

But it is business which remains his abiding professional interest, not least because of the growing influence which business and those who conduct it enjoy over the daily lives of so many of us 21st century ‘global citizens’.

Figuring out exactly how everything from a one-man start-up to a vast multinational works, and what makes their founders, leaders and employees tick, is what gets him out of bed in the morning. That and the demands of his small but strident six year-old daughter, Katy.


Latest Articles From This Author

Will the robot revolution bring economic meltdown?

- The doomsday scenario of machines taking our work and destroying society as we know it is not new, but The Rise of the Robots cranks up the debate.

James Murdoch makes dramatic return to Sky

- So James Murdoch is to return to Sky as chairman, four years after News UK's phone hacking scandal forced him out. Boxset material, surely?

Why is Rolls-Royce in such a mess?

- Britain's leading engineer is having a turbulent time after a string of bad management decisions.

The UK housing crisis: a disaster of our own making

- Prices are sky high, unaffordability is at near record levels and not enough new homes are being built, despite endless government incentives. How do we address our property problem?

Why Renault-Nissan's woes are really about life after Ghosn

- The world's most unlikely Franco-Japanese auto alliance has been under increasing strain, but despite the headlines it's about more than government meddling.

Government goes nuclear over Rolls-Royce

- As if RR didn't have enough to cope with, now it seems that Downing Street is considering nationalising the troubled firm's nuclear submarine business.

Monitise is 'Britain's Least Admired Company': What went wrong?

- Once an exciting fintech prospect, the mobile payments business has had a disastrous year losing 90% of its share value.

Fancy a boardroom seat with your divi? Co-op looks for member directors

- If you've got top-team ambitions and have spent 1,000 Co-op points this year, listen up. The funerals-to-supermarkets mutual is hiring member directors.

The autumn statement - more stagecraft than strategy

- You can't deny that George Osborne has made the last Wednesday in Nov his own. But apart from showcasing the chancellor's presentation skills, what is the autumn statement actually for?

Will Rolls-Royce restructure send ValueAct packing?

- RR's under pressure CEO Warren East is to outline his turnaround plan today. Will it be enough to keep investor ValueAct happy...

Major shareholder would back HSBC leaving UK

- A senior exec at pension fund Standard Life, which owns 1% of HSBC, has said it would back a decision by the bank to leave the country.

Rolls-Royce under pressure to get active

- After US hedge fund ValueAct doubled its stake, shareholders are now pushing RR to give the activist investor a seat on the board.

Hurricane HBOS hits City - will former bosses be banned?

- The much delayed report by QC Andrew Green into the collapse of HBOS in 2008 has finally been published. Hold on tight!

Yes, you can cut your hours and keep your career

- From Amazon to Goldman Sachs and from the Met Police to Google, the latest list of the UK's top part-time execs shows that big jobs can be done on reduced hours.

Wearables at Work - the winners

- The votes have been counted and the results are in - no, not the latest round of Strictly Come Dancing, but the even more hotly anticipated winners of the MT/PA Wearables at Work Awards.

The European Union is having a rocky time

- Splits over a response to the Syrian refugee crisis and the looming Brexit referendum are not good news for the EU.

Barclays hires an American to try and beat the Americans

- Barclays is reportedly on the cusp of having new CEO, Jes Staley - a hedge fund boss who spent 34 years at JP Morgan in New York.

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