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Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders

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Andrew Saunders - Deputy Editor

Saunders has interviewed just about everyone who is anyone for MT, from entrepreneurs to captains of industry and even the odd (sometimes very odd) politician and sporting hero. Ken Clarke, Peter Mandelson and Sir Alex Ferguson standing out in his memory amongst the latter, despite the fact that he knows nothing about football and only marginally more about politics.

But it is business which remains his abiding professional interest, not least because of the growing influence which business and those who conduct it enjoy over the daily lives of so many of us 21st century ‘global citizens’.

Figuring out exactly how everything from a one-man start-up to a vast multinational works, and what makes their founders, leaders and employees tick, is what gets him out of bed in the morning. That and the demands of his small but strident six year-old daughter, Katy.


Latest Articles From This Author

Rio Tinto's Sam Walsh: The FTSE boss who used to drive a recycling truck

- THE MT INTERVIEW: With commodity prices tumbling, Rio Tinto's CEO ought to be worried. But if he is, the unflappable Aussie isn't letting on.

How a fledgling Chinese smartphone maker became the Apple of the east

- COMPANY VITAE: Xiaomi's stylish, keenly priced phones and tablets are a runaway success in China.

Davos 2: George Soros retires again - and no hedging

- The 84-year-old who broke the Bank of England says he is giving up investing - and that this time he really means it.

Why OPEC is over and low oil prices are here to stay

- The UAE's energy minister has ruled out any reduction in output and stated that oil prices will remain low for the foreseeable future.

Does over-optimism cost CEOs money?

- A new research paper suggests that optimistic bosses end up getting paid less than their more pessimistic peers. The price of a positive outlook...

Edgy investors increasingly willing to pay for protection

- The amount of money stashed away in negative interest eurozone debt has more than doubled since October to 1.2tn Euros.

Aer Lingus sends Walsh's 1bn euro IAG bid back to the gate

- The board of the Irish airline has rejected an audacious bid from IAG boss Willie Walsh said to have valued the business at around 1.16bn euros.

It pays to be a lesbian in the UK - 8% more in fact...

- According to a new survey commissioned by the World Bank, lesbians in many countries earn more than their straight counterparts. Really?

Ecclestone still in F1 driving seat as Walsh walks away

- Ex Diageo boss Paul Walsh has reportedly walked away from the chairmanship of F1, leaving Bernie Ecclestone victorious once again.

Telefonica, EE eagerly court BT's mobile billions

- With BT about to make its decision over which mobile operator to buy, the rivals are falling over themselves to sell.

Is ex-Diageo head Paul Walsh taking the wheel at F1?

- The straight-talking former booze boss - and last years' MT Most Admired Leader - is rumoured to be on the starting grid for the chairmanship of Formula One.

John Lewis Partnership wins Britain's Most Admired Companies free vote

- The retailer was the top pick among all the participants in this year's Britain's Most Admired Companies.

Drax and Intergen fined £39m for not insulating enough lofts

- The lights are about to go out and Ofgem is trying to look muscular and settle scores.

How the European Space Agency stunned the world

- The story behind the Euro-quango whose Rosetta mission finally puts Nasa in the shade.

Ignorance is no defence against hackers

- MT CYBERSECURITY WEEK in association with Blackthorn: In the final part of our series, we look at how what you don't know really can hurt...

Collaboration - it's about trust as much as technology

- MT CYBERSECURITY WEEK in association with Blackthorn. When working with third parties the key question may well be 'Can we trust them?'

Real wages are rising - if you've got a career not a job

- A report from the Resolution Foundation suggests that pay is on the up at last - but only for those who have stayed in full-time jobs.

Would your good name survive a hacking?

- MT CYBERSECURITY WEEK in association with Blackthorn: The financial and operational costs of being hacked can be bad enough, but often the worst damage is reputational.

Why don't they talk tech in the boardroom?

- MT CYBERSECURITY WEEK, in association with Blackthorn. If boards don't 'get' cyber risk, it may be because too few directors have a good grasp of technology.

Do British companies really lead the world on transparency?

- According to a new report from a leading anti-corruption watchdog, British companies are among the most open in the world. Crikey.

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