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Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders

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Andrew Saunders - Deputy Editor

Saunders has interviewed just about everyone who is anyone for MT, from entrepreneurs to captains of industry and even the odd (sometimes very odd) politician and sporting hero. Ken Clarke, Peter Mandelson and Sir Alex Ferguson standing out in his memory amongst the latter, despite the fact that he knows nothing about football and only marginally more about politics.

But it is business which remains his abiding professional interest, not least because of the growing influence which business and those who conduct it enjoy over the daily lives of so many of us 21st century ‘global citizens’.

Figuring out exactly how everything from a one-man start-up to a vast multinational works, and what makes their founders, leaders and employees tick, is what gets him out of bed in the morning. That and the demands of his small but strident six year-old daughter, Katy.


Latest Articles From This Author

Car sales screech to 10 year high in March

- Almost 465,000 new cars were registered in the UK in March, up 17.7% on the same time last year and only 2,000 shy of the record for the month, set in March 2004. Vroom vroom!

Google Campus boss: London set to win race to be Europe's premier tech hub

- Eze Vidra, head of London's Google Campus, says the capital is well placed to be Europe's go-to start-up destination - despite tough competition from Tel Aviv, Berlin and Stockholm.

Tesco's ex boss Terry Leahy set for £10m Blackcircles bonanza

- The former retail supremo has joined the board of online tyre seller ahead of a possible £150m IPO.

Does Microsoft's Office for iPad mean the Surface is sinking?

- Thanks to new MS CEO Satya Nadella, Office is finally available on the App Store. But what about the Surface, Satya?

The sweet story of Candy Crush: How made its millions

- The maker of the smartphone hit Candy Crush could be the most valuable London-based tech IPO ever.

Where does money come from? The Bank of England explains all

- It's a big question and the Bank has come up with a suitably big - 14 page - answer that we should all read.

Ian Robertson: BMW's only Brit

- With a seat on the main board of BMW AG, Ian Robertson is arguably the most senior Brit in the motor industry. MT catches up with the country's top car guy.

Bitcoin blaggers in £365,000 Flexcoin heist

- Canadian cyberbank Flexcoin has been forced to close its doors after online robbers donned virtual stocking masks and absconded with 1,000 bitcoins.

Winning punters dent Paddy Power's profit

- The larger-than-life bookie blamed a string of 'punter-friendly' sports results for missing double-digit profit growth this year.

The Environment Agency - the nation's least favourite quango?

- The Environment Agency sprang into being almost 20 years ago. Here's the lowdown on the nation's least favourite quango, bar none.

The Past, Present and Future of the board

- While they have professionalised since the 1960s, many boardrooms remain slow-moving and hobbled by box-ticking. Is there a future for the knights at the top of the table?

Tesco's Clarke to ditch 'baggage' - and profit target

- Beleaguered Tesco boss Phil Clarke has admitted the brand has 'baggage' compared to Aldi and Lidl. Is a price war about to start?

Carphone Dixons, or Dixons Warehouse? High street merger talks confirmed

- Electronics stores Carphone Warehouse and Dixons have confirmed that they are in talks to merge, a deal which would create a £3.5bn FTSE 100 player.

30,000 jobs must go to make RBS a boring bank, says McEwan

- RBS CEO Ross McEwan's plan to axe up to 30,000 jobs and effectively dump i-banking looks like an admission that the business in its current form is beyond rescue.

Do not adjust your set: The highs and lows of the BBC

- It's not strictly a company, but we all pay for it and it has more than its fair share of woes. Here's the latest news from the BBC.

Sainsbury's King to vacate throne in July

- Supermarket boss Justin King has put an end to speculation about when he might leave Sainsbury's - he is off in July after the AGM.

Was Royal Mail sold on the cheap?

- With its shares still trading at 70% over IPO price, Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna reckons the postal privatisation was botched.

Sainsbury's enjoys Happy Christmas - just

- Sainsbury's Q3 festive sales grew for the 35th quarter in succession - but only just, by a wafer-thin 0.2%.

Record UK car sales reflect road to recovery

- New figures out today show that new car sales in the UK hit 2.26m, up 10.5% on the year before and the highest level since 2007.

Autonomy facing US Govt ban at hands of US Air Force

- Yes that's right - even the USAF reckons Autonomy, on whose purchase HP took a disastrous $8.8bn write down, was fiddling the figures.

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