Slogan Doctor: Land Rover 'go beyond'

If you're the kind of person who buys a four-wheel drive, you want to feel that, even if you use it only to go to Waitrose, you're ready to veer off the main road and up a muddy hillside.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 04 Jul 2011

Not all 4WDs give you that confidence, but Land Rovers are special. They have a strong off-road heritage, carefully stressed in the company's marketing, which emphasises adventure and exploration. These cars are the real thing, and their slogan, coined in 2005 by ad agency RKCR/Y&R and used around the world, is a reminder of that. It's a bold imperative, instructing you to leave your comfort zone, cross boundaries and head off into unexplored terrain, literally and metaphorically. 'Beyond' is a preposition and demands a noun to attach itself to: 'beyond the beaten track', for instance. Left open-ended, it has a little bit of grammatical unorthodoxy that makes it memorable. But the slogan is also an invitation to exceed or surpass what is reasonable and give in to temptation - by, for instance, buying an expensive vehicle whose full capabilities you will probably never use.

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