Slogan Doctor: YouTube: 'Broadcast Yourself'

YouTube's slogan, conjured up by founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, was introduced in late 2005, shortly after the site's launch.

by John Morrish
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Replacing a dull line - 'Upload, tag and share your videos online' - it taps into the impulses of an egotistical age. With people aspiring to appear on Big Brother, who wouldn't want to broadcast their doings to a waiting world? Hence YouTube's diet of skateboard tricks, juggling, pratfalls, practical jokes, video diaries, funny babies and pets at the piano. But this makes up a small portion of the content. The rest is culled from TV, DVDs, concert footage and so on, all of which belong to someone. This is a problem for Google, YouTube's owner, which is under siege from content owners to remove their stuff. 'Broadcast Yourself' is a fig-leaf of respectability professing YouTube's good (and legal) intentions. The slogan's days may be numbered, as it emphasises professional material, licensed from content producers, over user-generated amateurism. So if you want to make your musical cat famous, hurry.

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