Stat of the day: $1,500

The record-breaking price an ounce of gold reached today.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
A modern-day gold rush has pushed up the price of gold to record levels. An ounce of gold reached $1,500 (£917) for the first time today, while silver also hit a 31-year high at more than $44 an ounce.

People are keen to invest in gold and silver because they’re seen as a safe investment while the global economy’s still fragile. The latest high came after a shock debt downgrade warning for America, which sent shares tumbling, alongside general concern about global inflation and the European debt crisis.

Analysts say gold could go up by another $20 an ounce within the next month – so if you’re thinking of investing in the metal, now’s the time. Ingot we trust, etc… 

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