TECHKNOW: Smart tools - The GN NETCOM 9120

TECHKNOW: Smart tools - The GN NETCOM 9120 - WHAT IS IT? A cordless phone headset.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

WHAT IS IT? A cordless phone headset.

WHAT DOES IT DO? It turns your old office telephone into a high-tech, hands-free wonder, leaving you free to wave your arms, stride about the office - anywhere within 100 metres of the base station. The rechargeable battery gives eight hours of talk time, so you can spend all day on the phone. And if you're worried about wearing the headband, you can use an alternative ear-hook fitting. There's also a handy conference facility whereby up to four headsets can be logged into the same phonecall simultaneously.

WHAT'S THE COMPETITION? The days when headsets were confined to a call centre are over, and all the big-name manufacturers are urging us to use them. This Danish specimen is light, comfortable, is better for your neck and lets you stand up to talk, giving you a psycholigcal advantage - if you don't mind looking like a backing singer from Stars in their Eyes.

WHERE CAN I GET IT? From the maker, for pounds 250.

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