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UK: Brain food - Matters for the mind to chew on - Tomorrow's jobs Pacesetter. - Name: Piers Schmidt

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Name: Piers Schmidt

Company: The Fourth Room, strategic marketing consultancy

Age: 31

Time in job: 18 months

Previous job: Head of strategy at Interbrand Newell & Sorrell

What does it involve? I make sure that the company is going in the right direction - effectively navigating the route map. We also want to be a fast company, so I am out front constantly looking at new projects. If they're right for us, I'll pass them on to people who are better than me at implementing them. I also spread the message in the marketplace - there is a slightly evangelical aspect to it.

How did you get the job? Initially we ran a terribly egalitarian company, where we were all partners and nothing got done, so we needed some sort of leadership. I was reluctant to take on a traditional chief executive role, so I became pacesetter.

Best points? Watching people's faces when I give them my business card - it opens conversation. Because it's a well thought through role, they also realise it's more than just a gimmicky title.[QQ]] Worst points? It's exhausting and never ends - if you give yourself this title, you can never fall behind.

Salary scale: £65,000.

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