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Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


'Moving to America and setting up my communications agency Globalfusion is the best thing I have ever done. So many things that were negatives in Britain are positives here. It's OK to be happy if you've made it.

I've also written a book here on a subject I've been interested in for years. It's called The SEED (Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics) Handbook, and it's about building up a business in a feminine and ethical way.

There's still plenty of bullshit, though. The typical British response to a new idea is a no, which gradually becomes a yes. In the US, you get a yes immediately but find out later that they have changed their minds.'


'Viva! Radio (a short-lived women's radio station in London) is probably the worst venture I have ever been involved in. I was a figurehead, nominally the chair, but with no influence over programming or the direction that Viva! was going in. It was a big mistake and I've learnt not to put my name to something that I can't control. I wouldn't call another business 'Lynne Franks' again, either. I don't have many regrets, though - most of my decisions were the right ones at the time.'.

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