The world according to Indian executives

The McKinseyQuarterly surveyed business leaders from around the world and discovered that Indian companies are more upbeat about their prospects in a globalised economy than their international counterparts. But executives from the sub-continent are also acutely aware of their weaknesses.

by McKinseyQuarterly 2005 Special Edition: Fulfilling India's Promise
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Finding and funding the right skills appear top of the list of their concerns, particularly in the information technology sector, along with increased competition, inadequate infrastructure and lack of access to capital.

Nonetheless, Indian executives believe that globalisation is in their favour and feel confident, particularly about growth in their own country and in the US market. China doesn't seem to be much on the agenda, but then neither does China give much attention to India in terms of market openings.

In fact, companies around the world seem slow in warming to India: only 5% of global respondents to the survey thought that India would account for most of their companies' sale growth in the next five years, compared with 25% for China.

Source: How India's executives see the world
E J Beaver, E Stephenson, D W Tanner
McKinseyQuarterly 2005 Special Edition: Fulfilling India's Promise

Review by Emilie Filou

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