10 of the most outrageous @GSElevator tweets

The anonymous Goldman Sachs employee behind @GSElevator has got a book deal. Here are 10 of the most sexist, racist, greedy and otherwise i-banker cliché-ridden tweets.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 04 Jun 2015

Anyone who wants all their long-held prejudices about investment bankers confirmed need look no further than @GSElevator, who anonymously tweets alleged overheards from Goldman Sachs’ elevators.

Now, riding on the outrage-inducing coattails of Wolf of Wall Street, the purveyor of classist, misogynist, racist (and any other –ist you can think of) eavesdroppings has got a book deal with Simon & Schuster, one of the ‘big four’ publishers.

Here are ten of the worst (and there are many) tweets from @GSelevator, potentially the best job ad ever for Goldman Sachs - if they do indeed employ narcissistic 'high achievers' and plan to keep it that way.

1. There’s plenty of peacocking

2. Sticks & stones, eh?

3. This sexism ain’t casual, it’s committed

4. Ditto racism

5. And poor-bashing

6. Child labour ftw

7. It’s all about the adultery

8. Also breaking the law to get rich

9. ‘Intelligence’ equals wit, obviously

10. Did we mention bankers love money?

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