10 things we learned last week

Royalty on Downton Abbey, London's missing electric cars and why the devil is (probably) a Facebook shareholder.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 29 Jul 2013

1. It’s 50/1 that Prince George will one day appear in Downton Abbey.

2. Boris Johnson had originally hoped to have 25,000 electric car charging points in the capital by 2015. At the moment, there are but 1,300…

3. Now we know how the Devil affords all that Prada: he’s a Facebook investor. Why else would the company have made $333m of profits on $666m of mobile ad revenues…?

4. The government’s way of working out the size of the UK’s digital economy is (allegedly) massively flawed.

5. Some discount stores pay less than half the rent of their next-door neighbours.

6. 21.6 million people still put their money in premium bonds.

7. Apple’s next gadget craze is due this autumn.

8. Amazon investors are quite happy for it not to make a decent profit.

9. In the US, sales of e-cigarettes are just about to pass the $1bn mark.

10. ‘Storytelling’ is your next big marketing weapon.

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