10 things we learned this week

Olympic earnings, beating the crowd funding system and lots of gas

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 19 Jul 2013
1. BT has more in common with Lewis Carroll than previously thought...

2. The ‘will they, won’t they?’ chatter around Heathrow’s controversial third runway has been going on for half a century

3. Against all the odds, the Olympics did actually make us some moolah

4. Newbie Barclays boss Antony Jenkins has is more stubborn than he lets on

5. 13 trillion cubic feet of gas wouldl only keep the lights on for 50 years

6. Indiegogo is less discerning than rival Kickstarter

7. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is really bad at grammar

8. Vampire squid have feelings too

9. Employment tribunals consider equal pay claims to be 'minor'

10. Cambridge is the place to run a small business, Hull is best avoided...

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