10 things we learned this week

Sly Stallone's puddings, bankers trying to be virtuous and why Dr Dre isn't nearly rich enough.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 30 Aug 2013
1. Ethical banking is harder than we realised

2. Online retailers have return rates of up to 30%

3. Microsoft (soon-to-be-ex) chief exec Steve Ballmer was once voted the ‘world’s worst CEO’. Ouch

4. Talking of Microsoft, its founder and chairman, Bill Gates, really hates Google’s Project Loon

5. Silvester Stallone once marketed a 'protein pudding'. Whatever that is.

6. Dr Dre may be ‘forever… a paid man / a brave man’ – but he doesn’t have enough rich friends

7. Apprentice also-ran Neil Clough’s name lends itself to a surprisingly wide array of puns (our favourite? ‘Cloughborough University’)

8. 95% of the products at Carpetright, DFS, Furniture Village etc are on sale

9. The virtual fitting room business: it’s a surprisingly lucrative market

10. Naked Wines: it’s ‘not a charity’

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