10 things we learned this week

British boozing, the iPhone Math and Justin Bieber's Twitter following.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2013
1. There are 5,200 British beer brands. Speaking of which…

2. … JD Wetherspoon has been around for years: the first one opened in 1979

3. There was a rumour the iPhone 5s was going to be called the ‘iPhone Math’

4. Back in 1987, a whopping 91% of the population thought banks were ‘well run’

5. James Dyson once threatened the Chinese government with being thrown out of the World Trade Organisation over breeches of copyright

6. If the UK is experiencing a skills drain, Australia is the u-bend: skilled Brits emigrate there more than anywhere else

7. Justin Bieber – pop’s own Dorian Gray – has 44 million Twitter followers

8. 90% of UK listed companies use the same four big financial advisory firms

9. Activist investor Carl Icahn actually has a sense of humour

10. British-owned Costa is the second-biggest coffee chain in the world. It opened its 1,000th international coffee shop in Thailand this week

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