10 things we learned this week

The iWhizz blender, why UK is a nation of Scrooges and why Heinz is dead to McDonalds.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 01 Nov 2013

1. Apple wants to introduce 'great new products in areas where [it does] not participate today'. The iVroom sports car? The iWhizz blender? The iChill fridge? We can but speculate.

2. NEARLY HALF of employees don't get Christmas presents from their bosses. We know. MT didn't realise the 'employers not acting like Santa' problem had got this bad

3. McDonald's bosses can be surprisingy petty...

4. Amid all the drama of takeover deals, BlackBerry has quietly released its latest phone. It's had good reviews

5. Head head of the energy companies' lobby group used to run the British Banking Association. Way to make herself popular...

6. Last weekend Twitter did a 'practice share sale'. The IPO equivalent of a fire drill...

7. Barclays has finally put its PPI woes to rest. For now, anyway.

8. Banks: they're just misunderstood

9. So far, the government has published five 'business cases' for HS2. If at first you don't succeed...

10. National treasure Julie Walters: doing a spot of moonlighting to help the plight of the UK's entrepreneurs?

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