10 things we learned this week

Political footballers, women of the FTSE 100, why Dick Costolo is megalolz.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 08 Nov 2013

1. Provoke them enough, and even footballers can take an interest in politics

2. Just 66 more women need to be recruited to FTSE 100 boards for Lord Davies’ target of 25% by 2015 to be reached

3. Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo used to be a comedian. Lol

4. David Cameron: still unable to resist the allure of exclusive clubs

5. Heathrow is ‘the biggest inflictor of noise pollution misery in Europe’. According to Boris Johnson, that is…

6. Wonga has taken to the silver screen

7. It’s surprisingly easy to come up with IT puns in relation to the US government

8. If there’s a dirty joke to be made, outspoken ex-Labour business minister Digby Jones doesn’t care who his audience is

9. The US government made up to 3,000 data requests from Apple in the first six months of 2013. The UK government made… 127

10. Until this week, there was only one shipbuilding yard in the whole of England. So much for our proud maritime history


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