10 things we learned this week

Lying on your CV; awkwardness at Yahoo; are you ready for an intelligent wig?

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 29 Nov 2013

1. In the cheapest packet of cigarettes, 88% of the price goes on taxes.

2. If you want to do business in China, you’ll need to establish a high level of guanxi (business trust).

3. How does a FTSE 100 CEO ask for a pay rise? easyJet CEO Carolyn McCall tells us it’s all about the preparation.

4. In the last year, there has been a 12% rise in the number of people lying on their CVs.

5. Kim Winser, the ex-chief executive of both Pringle and Aquascutum, was rejected from the M&S board three times for being a woman.

6. Keep your friends close. But keep loose acquaintances closer.

7. More than £500m will be splurged on Monday by enthusiastic shoppers in the UK.

8. Time for a new hair-do? Samsung has filed a patent for a ‘SmartWig’ - an ‘intelligent’ wig that communicates wirelessly with other devices.

9. A leaked internal memo revealed that 75% of Yahoo’s staff aren’t using Yahoo mail. Awkward…

10. UK house prices rose 6.5% in the last month.

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