10 things we learned this week

Football's riches, Apple's riches and Samsung's filibustering boss.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2014

1. Back in 1996, Manchester United was the only football club in the world making more than €100m. Now the top 30 clubs are all doing it

2. Apple’s $147bn cash pile means it has 10% of all the cash held by non-financial companies in the US, just sloshing around its bank account

3. Samsung’s chairman, Lee Kun Hee, once made his company’s executives sit through a three-day speech in which he told them to ‘change everything but your wife and children

4. Dog-loving challenger bank Metro Bank calls its outlets ‘stores’ rather than branches. Too cool for school

5. 90% of commercially-made mobile devices currently used by the US military are BlackBerrys. Presumably it doesn’t want the NSA reading its emails

6. The government basically has no idea how much it is lending under its small business schemes

7. One of Diageo’s fastest-growing markets is Africa

8. Kim Dotcom reckons his attitude of general lunacy came to him in a moment of enlightenment after a near-fatal accident on the Autobahn

9. James Dyson is rubbing his crystal ball and looking 25 years into the future. Fingers crossed for a robot that hoovers for you…

10. There are only two companies on the FTSE 100 with entirely lady-less boards: Glencore and Antofagasta. Poor show


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