10 things we learned this week

Rolet's rallying, Old MacDonald's Co-operative tendencies, what Soames did during his university years.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 01 Mar 2014

1. London Stock Exchange chief executive Xavier Rolet used to be a rally driver
2. The Co-op owns 50,000 acres of farmland
3. Soon-to-be Serco boss Rupert Soames made a £10,000 profit running nights notorious Mayfair club Annabel’s during his final year at Oxford
4. There’s a shortage of jumbo jets: Gulf airlines are, according to Ryanair chief exec Michael O’Leary, bagging all the available ones
5. Bitcoin isn’t just about getting very rich, very fast: it’s about ‘building a new financial order’
6. Zillionaire investor Warren Buffett has tweeted a grand total of four times
7. National Insurance was set up by David Lloyd George in 1913
8. Despite all Philip Clarke’s talk about rejuvenating Tesco, only 100 of its 900 largest stores have so far undergone a makeover
9. If ‘black swans’ are ‘unknown unknowns’ and ‘grey swans’ are ‘known unknowns’, what is an unknown known?
10. The ‘big six’ energy regulators owe 3.5 million households an average of £38 each

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