10 things we learned this week

Japan's untold riches, Facebook's high-rolling hiring strategy, Tesco's foray into... Armenia.

by Emma Finamore
Last Updated: 18 Apr 2014

1. Japan is the proud owner of the second-biggest foreign exchange reserves in the world, more than the entire Eurozone. That'd go a long way down the local Wagamama…

2. Facebook wants to poach UK-based executives for itself, offering London start-up Azimo $10m to give up one of its co-founders

3. Tesco's first-ever F&F franchise store was in Armenia - it has gone on to open stores in Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan, among others. People love a bargain, wherever they're from

4. Britain's oldest family business - a butcher founded in 1535 - has been passed down through 25 generations. Not good if you don't get on with your older brother

5. Booze giant Diageo experienced double digit growth in the (largely Muslim) Middle East last year

6. Google has launched a national competition in the US to decide where its fibre broadband network will be laid. Yawn. Running out of PR ideas guys?

7. Spacex is the only private company to have safely returned a craft from orbit to earth, back in 2010

8. The second highest-paying company in the US is not Goldman Sachs or even Apple - it's semiconductor company Broadcom

9. In the UK, sales of e-cigarettes rose 340% last year. Smokin...

10. Radio 4's John Humphrys uses parma ham as his middle-class yardstick. Pork products have many uses

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