10 things we learned this week

Warren Buffett's preferred beverage, listed companies in Finland, London's best-loved tower.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 25 Apr 2014

1. Warren Buffet's favourite drink is Cherry Coke

2. The Finnish equivalent of Plc is 'Oyj', which somehow sounds rather sweet...

3. The Gherkin beat the Shard to become London's favourite tower in a poll by Ipsos Mori. So much for those erectile dysfunction ads...

4. 'Nessie tourism' is worth as much as £130m a year to Loch Ness locals

5. The American middle class is no longer the world's richest. Canadians have overtaken them

6. Public sector net debt is now 75.8% of GDP - the highest it's ever been

7. Primark's first US outlet, in Boston, Massachusetts, was once home to Filene's department store, most famous for its 'bargain basement'. The shop's owner pioneered the use of automatic discounting

8. Whiplash claims add £90 to drivers' insurance premiums. That's enough to make us feel downright litigious

9. Airbnb is worth more than the InterContinental Hotels Group - £6bn vs £5.1bn

10. Card Factory sold a staggering 285 million cards last year

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