10 things we learned this week

Military ray guns, Funding Circle's crazy growth, when 'rightsizing' is the wrong word.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 18 Jul 2014

1. Someone’s finally realised the military potential of the ray gun (only it’s called a ‘directed energy system’)

2. Funding Circle has grown 150% in the UK every year since it was founded. Wowza

3. Execs don’t just use awful euphemisms like ‘rightsizing’ when they’re talking to the press. They do it when they’re writing memos to 12,500 people they’re about to make redundant

4. The Land Registry is 150 years old, employs 4,5000 civil servants and has been valued at £1.2bn. Who knew?

5. ‘The Airbnb experience is too diverse and distinctive to be represented by a traditional logo.’ We’ll say no more

6. This charming photograph of Steve Jobs…

7. Chelsea tractors at the ready: Lidl is coming to ‘Waitrose country’, aka Maidenhead and Dorking

8. Comcast call centre workers are a frightening bunch

9. Just 1.5% of mobile gamers make in-game purchases

10. Flight comparison site Cheaplights.co.uk has been around since the dark ages of the internet: 1996


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