10 things we learned this week

Arise, Lady Brady; Brits' technology obsession, Bank of America's hustle.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 08 Aug 2014

1. Lady Brady is about to usurp Lord Judge as the most brilliantly named member of the House of Lords

2. We now spend more time playing with gadgets than we do sleeping

3. In the years before the financial crisis, Bank of America fast-tracked mortgages through a programme known as 'Hustle'. With a name like that, the bank's intentions weren't exactly well hidden...

4. Just under 74,000 properties in the UK changed hands last month

5. Alex Salmond's plans for the future of Scotland include 'pandas and outer space'

6. Twenty percent of businesses say they have no cash in the bank at all

7. By getting fired from Facebook in 2006, ex-staffer Noah Kagan cost himself $100m

8. Marijuana is now legal for medical use in 21 US states

9. The UK's third-biggest export is 'toilet/cleansing preparations'. Basically, the world loves Toilet Duck

10. Waitrose now gives away free coffee and tea: MT knows where it's doing its big shop from now on...


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