10 things we learned this week

Pricey gypsy weddings, what Brummie men keep in their top drawer, Satya Nadella's 'karma' lesson.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 31 Oct 2014

1. The company that makes My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding could be sold for £300m. That’s a lot of fake tan and diamante...

2. Midlands men are fans of tighty-whities - John Lewis sells 8% more there than in the rest of the UK.

3. Microsoft boss Satya Nadella learnt what goes around really does come around, after saying women should wait for ‘karma’ to bless them with a pay rise.

4. Norway almost let children loose on its banknotes...

5. ... And doesn’t have a single female executive director in its seven largest companies - despite having a 40% quota for women on boards.

6. Foreign workers clearly aren’t as concerned about London house prices as Londoners themselves.

7. The Libyan Investment Authority thinks the Goldman Sachs banker who apparently took their staff on a ‘lavish’ weekend of ‘heaving drinking and girls’ in Morocco isn’t such a ‘close friend’ after all...

8. Investment in London’s tech companies so far this year is 1,000% higher than the whole of 2010.

9. Dragon Peter Jones once went undercover as a Jessops shop assistant in a fake beard and glasses.

10. One struggling football club isn’t enough for Sports Direct founder and Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley.

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