10 things we learned this week

Cornish crowdfunding, HR gets into the womb, unbelievably pricey traffic jams.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 31 Oct 2014

1. Everyone’s getting into crowdfunding - even the Eden Project.

2. Paying for women to get their eggs frozen is tech’s HR perk du jour.

3. Traffic jams cost the UK almost £13bn last year.

4. The median FTSE 100 chief exec now earns 120 times more than the average full time employee in the UK.

5. Union RMT has said it’s going to fight the Eurostar privatisation ‘tooth and nail’. Get ready for your romantic weekend to Paris to be ruined by strike action...

6. Bank of England governor Mark Carney thinks disgraced bankers shouldn't still be playing golf.

7. Google isn’t a ferry, according to chairman and co-founder Eric Schmidt.

8. Bill Gates has finally finished reading Thomas Piketty’s anti-inequality tome and (surprise, surprise) thinks the French economist doesn’t give enough credit to philanthropy.

9. AbbVie chief exec Rick Gonzales wasn’t so ‘energised’ and ‘inspired’ about its now-dead acquisition of Shire after all.

10. Employment may be at a record high, but wage growth is still well below inflation.

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