10 things we learned this week

Diageo's Great British Booze Off, Britain doing better (sort of), and a flight safety video that is bound to get people Tolkien.

by Ollie Smith
Last Updated: 14 Nov 2014

1. Drinks giant Diageo thinks replacing the cakes in the Great British Bake Off with cocktails has real potential (to get us all hammered).

2. The UK’s growth figures are pleasing. And depressing.

3. Frodo may have done more for airline safety and Air NZ’s profit margins than any previous safety campaign, like, ever.

4. Tesco’s new chairman may be another Richard. It may also be an Archie, a Justin, or a Dianne.

5. It’s true. Being older, female and working part-time makes you almost 50% more likely to be stuck in low pay.

6. Airbnb is really bringing home the dough - it’s now more valuable than Premier Inns owner Whitbread.

7. Bitcoin is the CEx.

8. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has really pissed his investors off.

9. Debenhams is still keeping quiet about whatever Mike Ashley is doing with his shares in the department store chain.

10. Reverend Paul Flowers should never have put himself forward for the role of chair of Co-op Bank, according to MPs. He probably knew that already though.

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