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10 things we learned this week

Well-paid lesbians, Aldi's tasty pies, Putin's penchant for public speaking.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 23 Jan 2015

1. If you’re a lesbian in the UK, you’re might well be paid more than the average straight woman.

2. Aldi’s mince pies beat Fortnum & Masons’ in blind taste tests

3. Vladimir Putin really, really likes the sound of his own voice.

4. But Apple isn’t so keen - it halted sales in Russia this week when the rouble went off on one.

5. IAG boss Willie Walsh had to catch the bus to work when he started out as a trainee pilot aged 17, as he didn’t have a driving licence.

6. Techies changed companies faster than hotcakes this year, according to LinkedIn. As did, er, recruiters.

7. No one – not even former Diageo boss Paul Walsh – can beat Bernie Ecclestone at his own game.

8. The Co-op Bank wouldn’t survive if house prices fell 35% and unemployment jumped to 12%.

9. Fox’s biscuit producer 2 Sisters asked suppliers for a 3% discount if it paid within 90 days. Because paying promptly is sooo tricky.

10. Greggs, the home of the humble pasty, is now selling flatbreads and Arabica coffee – and it’s on a roll.

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