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10 things we learned this week

5 million Raspberry Pis, £8 lunches and 20p Freddo bars. Yum.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2015

1. 5 million of the ultra-simple Raspberry Pi computer have been sold in the last three years.

2. If you believe fanciful stats from a press release (and MT's maths), most workers spent a jaw-dropping £8 on lunch every day.

3. Inflation is cruel - Freddo chocolate bars have doubled in price since 2006 to an outrageous 20p.

4. Greeks are taking €2bn out of their banks each week, which means they could run out of collateral in less than four months.

5. Asda effectively spent £300m on fuelling the supermarket price war last year....

6. ...and that same price war looks like it knocked Majestic Wines chief exec Steve Lewis off of his perch.

7. Tesco's new chairman will earn £650,000 per year – £25,000 more than his predecessor Sir Richard Broadbent.

8. We could be in for a rare glimpse of Mike Ashley speaking in public after MPs on the Scottish Affairs Committee asked him to come and have a chat about zero-hours contracts

9. Rappers and Chelsea residents could have a new favourite car on the way.

10. Just days after announcing its first sales slump in a decade, Rolls-Royce was hit by corruption allegations. Ouch.

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