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10 things we learned this week

MPs making bankers sweat, Frozen 2 thaws Mattel shares, Jeremy Clarkson feeling the heat.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 02 Apr 2015

1. MPs love nothing more than giving a banker a good grilling.

2. Toymaker Mattel's shares jumped 4.2% after Disney announced it was going to make a sequel to the popular kids' film Frozen.

3. If the BBC doesn't want him anymore, Jeremy Clarkson could do worse than landing a job at Sky.

4. John Lewis staff will have to settle for a bonus of 11% this year, lower than at any point during the financial crisis.

5. While the number of women NEDs in the FTSE 100 has skyrocketed, the number of  women exec directors remains at just 8.6%.

6. It looks like Sir Philip Green got as little as £1 for BHS after buying it for £200m back in 2000.

7. For a business in crisis, Tesco is performing remarkably well...

8. …whereas Morrisons is truly up the proverbial creek.

9. Britain's ageing population is behind half of the rise in self-employment since 2004.

10. Apple's new Watch could be the make-or-break product for its CEO Tim Cook's legacy.

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