10 things we learned this week

Buffett's unhealthy tastes, Preston's unwholesome high street, office workers' sedentary habits.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2015

1. Warren Buffett really, really likes rubbish American food.

2. Preston is Britain’s ‘unhealthiest’ high street – if you think tanning salons and betting shops are bad for public health that is.

3. Speaking of health, British office workers think they sit down too much. There’s only one way to fix that…

Halfords’ outgoing CEO actually liked cycling - but it’s not yet clear whether his successor Jill McDonald shares his enthusiasm.

4. Mynamar has its own local language social network, chaired by PR supremo Piers Pottinger of all people.

5. Leaving the EU could cost the UK 2.2% of its GDP - or gain it 1.6%. You know what they say about statistics…

6. A Norfolk Indian takeaway short-changed a minimum wage worker by a staggering £11,696.47.

7.There’s a new ‘Drastic Dave’ on the block – Morrisons’ new CEO David Potts ditched five senior directors in his first week on the job.

8. Supergroup are hoping Idris Elba can bring super back.

9. Two years of the new CFO of Google’s time is worth a whopping $70m.

10. House of Fraser is going where many Western companies have tried and failed - to China. At least it has a Chinese owner to help out...

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