10 things we learned this week

Volatile chemistry at Ineos, China's crackdown hits Scotland, Venezuela's risky rep.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 24 Apr 2015

1. There’s bad chemistry between the former top dogs at Ineos. 

2. China’s crackdown on profligacy is taking its toll… on Scotland.

3. Venezuela has been ranked the riskiest country to do business in the world.

4. April Fool’s Day brings out the best... and worst... in many a marketing team.

5. Snapchatting one of your kids about how boring your job is might come back to bite you.

6. Aldi will build five times as much supermarket floor space as Tesco this year.

7. Thinking about voting UKIP? You might be surprised to learn there are now fewer migrants coming to the UK – and they’re increasingly highly skilled.  

8. Asos shares are back in fashion, despite another dip in profits.

9.Net-a-Porter has tied the knot with its Italian counterpart Yoox.

10. The future price of oil is anyone’s guess, as situations in the Middle East threaten to make things even more volatile.

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