10 things we learned this week

China's tidal trade, Google's EU objection, Indonesia bans beer

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 15 May 2015

1. China’s 95% trade surplus drop can be explained by the moon.

2. The EU Competition Commission objects to Google. Okay Google, what is a fine?

3. Indonesia’s beer ban is spoiling Diageo’s party, but at least Nigerians still love their Guinness.

4. There has never been a busier March for Heathrow – or Gatwick. Anything you can do...

5. The FCA still means business on PPI mis-selling.

6. An insurance man is getting ready for the British Gas hotseat.

7.Goldman Sachs spends $1.5bn a month on ‘executive compensation’.

8. You know that dream where your boss takes a 90% pay cut to double your salary? That really happens.

9. We should trust in drones, says founder of Hailo

10. A sarcasm button for Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg is definitely getting right on that.

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