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10 things we learned this week

Mike Coupe's Egyptian conviction, WPP's surging share price, Ryanair's $5m hack.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 29 May 2015

1. Sainsbury's chief exec Mike Coupe probably won't be planning a trip to see the pyramids any time soon.

2. Marketing giant WPP's share price has climbed an enviable 43% in the past two years.

3. Ryanair is just the latest company to fall victim to a big hack.

4. Wasps rugby club is looking to raise £35m through a retail bond, but it's got a hefty chunk of debt to pay off.

5. Commercial space flight still has a light years to go before it lifts off.

6. Zoopla's traffic is booming but it's lost almost a quarter of its estate agents since this time last year.

7. Jay Z's tweets about his new streaming service, Tidal, are a lot less defiant than his music.

8. Ex-Morrisons boss Dalton Philips might be out of a job but he's unlikely to be signing on.

9. Almost half of Argos's sales are now online – but its little brother Homebase hasn't made the transition to digital quite so well.

10. Buy-to-let landlords could be in for a rough ride if Ed Miliband wins the election.

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