10 things we learned this week

'Poshness' tests, Thomas Cook's Chinese adventure and Goldman's pampered interns.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2015

1. Class prejudice is still a massive barrier to success.

2. Thomas Cook’s finally getting into China – but it’s not going it alone.

3. Goldman Sachs’s increasingly pampered interns will now only be allowed to work for 17 hours per day.

4. A nice but unfurnished flat in the Angolan capital Luanda will set you back a remarkable £4,441 per month.

5. In the past 15 years more billion-dollar startups have come out of Britain than its next-nearest European competitors Sweden, Germany and Russia put together.

6. But there’s still a lot to be said for Silicon Valley. 

7. Quantifying the quality of a business’s governance is no easy task.

8. Poundland’s rapid growth might be coming to an end.

9. Denmark’s got a new Prime Minister and B&Q’s got a new CEO – from Denmark.

10. Not everyone is happy about Apple’s new music service.

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