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10 things we learned this week

Britain's biotech boom, Ryanair's Hellenic opportunism, Marks & Spencer's lack of fashion sense.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 31 Jul 2015

1. Britain's biotechnology businesses are raking in investment at the highest-rate in a decade.

2. Ryanair won't let a crisis go to waste.

3. Marks and Spencer's clothing revival was short-lived.

4. Sajid Javid apparently doesn't want Britain to benefit from the graduates educated at its own universities.

5. It's not just quotas that could force businesses that sideline women to change their ways.

6. Robots are coming for your job.

7. Some of Google's algorithms are less than egalitarian.

8. Samsung still can't keep up with Apple in the battle to sell smartphones.

9. Share price growth of 70% isn't always enough to save you from the sack.

10. Balfour Beatty's woes just won't let up.

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