10 things we learned this week

Tech investors go interstellar, Apple's cheeky Nando's, Amazon getting into groceries.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 07 Aug 2015

1. British tech investors are looking for returns that are out of this world.

2. You can now pay for the London Underground, a latte or a cheeky Nando's using your iPhone.

3. It may be struggling to turn a profit, but Amazon could pose a major threat to Britain's supermarkets.

4. The new chair of the Post Office has a striking hairstyle – and a reputation for slashing costs.

5. Dixons and Carphone Warehouse have had a blissful first year of marriage, but who knows when the honeymoon period might end?

6. Google could be on the brink of finally delivering an investor dividend, just 11 years after going public.

7. Supermarkets aren't as dishonest as some thought.

8. Auntie Beeb could look very different in a few years.

9. The Government's restrictive polices on skilled migrants are leaving jobs unfilled.

10.Trade union bosses couldn't be accused of playing down the signifance of new strike laws.

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