10 things we learned this week

A White Walker descends on the City, sleepless in the C-suite, Bill Gates behind bars.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 14 Aug 2015

1. Winters has come to Standard Chartered.

2. CEOs are worried about the next Uber – but aren’t necessarily going the right way about making sure they sleep more soundly at night.

3. Microsoft’s billionaire founder Bill Gates was arrested for running a red light at the tender age of 22.

4. As many as 54,000 women in the UK may have lost their jobs because of pregnancy.

5. Travelodge’s owners want to check out.

6. Only 274 out of 40,000 company directors in Japan are foreign.

7. Google is not a fan of pay transparency.

8. The crackdown on payday lenders is boosting loan sharks… say payday lenders.

9. 131 million working days were lost because of illness in 2013.

10. Print advertising is having more than a Daily Fail.

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