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10 things we learned this week

Osborne's oriental excursion, the AA's massive debt, older women want to retire.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 16 Oct 2015

1. George Osborne wants to formally link London’s stock market to Shanghai’s.

2. The AA still owes £2.8bn – seven times its annual earnings.

3. Older women are more keen to retire than their male counterparts.

4. Jeremy Corbyn’s controversial economic plans have a rather unlikely supporter.

5. Your flights across Europe could soon be a lot less boring.

6. The boss of UBS thinks we need to be more tolerant of bankers’ mistakes.

7. Britain’s big supermarkets still haven’t found an answer to the rise of Aldi and Lidl.

8. Tech City UK, the government start-up quango, has got itself a shiny new board.

9. After a bunch of bad press about its tax affairs, Starbucks has upped its PR game by beefing up staff pay.

10. At least one civil servant could do with some training on how to use a folder.

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