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10 things we learned this week

Wily water companies, McDonald's McAccounting error, Worldpay's whopping IPO.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2015

1. Water companies have been accused of  'withholding' £800m of cost savings from customers. It's almost as if their purpose is to make a profit.  

2. When it comes to company accounts, a decimal point can make a big difference.

3. With a £4.8bn valuation, Worldpay is London's biggest IPO this year.

4. Domino's Pizza is holding its own against Just Eat. 

5. The Government body responsible for making sure supermarkets pay their bills on time has been paying its bills late. 

6. Royal Mail is now entirely in private hands.

7. Failing to predict the outcome of the election hasn't taken the shine off YouGov. 

8. The number of businesses in Britain has hit a record high – but then that seems to happen every year. 

9. Graduates preparing for a job interview spend more time on their appearance than on researching their prospective employer. 

10. Uber's controversial method of calculating fares is not, in fact, a taxi meter, according to the High Court. 

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