10 things we learned this week

Singapore's business credentials, ITV disses the Beeb, Apple's record profits.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2015

1. Singapore is the greatest place in the world to do business.

2. Someone at ITV really dislikes Bargain Hunt.

3. Apple made more than $1bn (£650m) in profit per WEEK last year.

4. But RBS made just £2m in the last quarter. Ouch.

5. Aldi is going to pay its staff £8.40 per hour – £1.20 more than the government’s National Living Wage.

6. As if it needed saying, London’s housing market is at serious risk of becoming a bubble.

7. VW’s loss is Toyota’s gain.

8. For investors in BA owner IAG, even a 38% profit boost isn’t enough.

9. Leaving the EU could trigger a double downgrade of Britain’s AAA credit rating.

10. It looks like the price of oil could be seriously low for some time yet.

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