Credit: Gabriel Saldana/Flickr

10 things we learned this week

Amazon's in fashion, Go-Ahead's apology falls on deaf ears, Zoopla's start-up splurge.

by Rebecca Smith
Last Updated: 18 Mar 2016

1. Amazon's next ambition might be hitting the catwalk.

2. Sorry seems to be the hardest word for Go-Ahead when it comes to its rail troubles.

3. Zoopla is covering all bases with its latest investments.

4. British Gas is feeling the heat over its jump in profits.

5. A ‘mobile-first’ challenger bank raised £5m

6. Things keep going from bad to worse for the mining giants.

7. Game Digital isn’t playing around with its interest in eSports.

8. There could be room at Rolls-Royce’s top table for ValueAct.

9. Richard Branson hopes his latest space plane will go to infinity and beyond.

10. Uber’s losing $1bn in China, but cabbies shouldn’t rejoice just yet.

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