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10 things we learned this week

Nest CEO's ruffled feathers, Pelé's seeing double, banning the B word.

by Rebecca Smith
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2016

1. The chief exec of Nest is not going to be on Dropcam co-founder’s Christmas card list.

2. Pelé wasn’t impressed with Samsung using his doppelganger in one of its TV ads.

3. A lot of people are fed up hearing about Brexit this, Brexit that – but Bank of America has taken a rather drastic measure to cut down on the chit chat.

4. Grads shared their worries on what’s holding them back from getting jobs – and it’s not sexism.

5. VCs should be careful about booting out co-founders of tech firms prematurely.

6. Volkswagen’s legal woes have gone from bad to worse.

7. Glaxo is polishing its halo after announcing it will no longer file patents in 85 of the world’s poorest nations.

8. The capital’s been brewing up a taste for craft beer over the past few years, and it keeps on growing.

9. Despite a £610m loss, there are signs of green shoots at the Co-Op bank.

10. Huawei’s growing profits aren’t the birthday present Apple was after.

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