10 things we learned this week

How to brew up success, black cabbies fight back, Huawei's CEO swap.

by Rebecca Smith
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2016

1. The nation's taste for craft beer hasn't faded and BrewDog is still cashing in on it.

2. Black cabbies are taking action against Uber – not through protests but by improving their service.

3. Huawei may swap CEO every six months but one man’s still the boss.

4. HSBC has been named in the Panama Papers scandal and can’t bank on the plethora of other names involved in allegations to allow it to fly under the radar.

5. Sanjeev Gupta could be UK steel’s knight in shining armour – at least he thinks so.

6. But Tata getting caught up in an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office probably won’t help...

7. Aldi and Lidl keep eating into the Big Four’s market share.

8. Samsung’s surprise profit jump won’t stop Chinese competitors from breathing down its neck.

9. Encouraging more flexible approaches to childcare might need more work – only 1% men have taken up Shared Parental Leave since its introduction last year.

10. Great expectations could prove too much for Elon Musk.

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